Nicholas Roder

Engulfing and powerful, beautiful and fragile - Nick loves to experiment, creating new and exciting sonic landscapes. Friendly and proactive, he will help you navigate through your project from beginning to end.

Nick Roder has a passion for beautiful music of all varieties and is most at home composing  with the plethora of plucked strings that occupy the studio. He has led a number of ensembles over the years, including Melbourne's own Tulalah, in addition to arranging and performing music by some of Australia's finest including Kate Cebrano, Tim Campbell, Bri Clark and Ryan Downey. Nick studied a Bachelor of Music Performance and Honours in Music Composition. 

Nick's dulcet tones will guide you from the other end of the phone, while his quick fingers furiously tap a reply to your email. He's a big fan of the "Melbourne-style-coffee" so don't hesitate to ask for a sip in the flesh, he won't bite (hard).